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1.  How often do I check in?
 In general, check in every Monday for a felony charge or the first Monday of
every month for a misdemeanor.  Refer to you specific check in agreement
form you signed at the time your bond was posted.

3.  What can happen if I don't check in?
 Possible surrender of your bond resulting in an open warrant and your

4.  Will my money be refunded upon disposition of my case(s)?
  Bond fees are fully earned when the jail accepts the bond.  Once the bond
is accepted it cannot be reversed.  No part of the bond fee will be refunded.

5.  Can I check for reset court dates online?
  Many courts have public records online.  Visit our links page for a list of

6.  Can I co-sign for someone in jail?
  Indemnitor must be qualified by an agent.  Criteria will include, but is not
limited to:  work history, income, residential status...

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