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Business Policies

Texas Bail Bond's services are available in Comal and many other Texas counties.  Call an
agent to accommodate your specific needs.  Prices vary depending on type and amount of
bond being posted.  Bonds may be posted at our New Braunfels office 24 hours a day 7
days a week (subject to JAIL operation hours).  Expected release time is usually 30 minutes -
1 hour after we receive payment and indemnitor information.  It could take longer depending
on jail operation.

Payment Options

Payment is due in full at the time the order is placed.  Orders may be placed over the phone
(with a fax machine), or in person.  A $25.00 non-refundable application fee is included in all
bond premiums.  We accept debit cards and all major credit cards.  A payment authorization
form must be signed for all credit card transactions done over the phone.  By submitting the
form you are authorizing Texas Bail Bonds to charge your credit card in the amount
specified.  Cash, cashier's check, and money orders are also accepted.


Once a bond has been accepted by the jail, no refunds are available.  Jail policy states that
they will not return a bond after it is accepted.  If a bond is not accepted or if you decide you
no longer wish to bond out before a bond has been posted, simply return the bond to our
office along with your receipt, and a refund will be given minus the $25.00 application fee.  
Refunds will be returned in the form they were paid in.  If payment was made with a credit
card it may take 3-5 business days to credit your card.  

Privacy Policy

Information Collected
Prior to issuing a bond,  Texas Bail Bond will collect certain personal information about each
bail bond applicant and/or indemnitor.  The information is obtained from you in person, by
telephone, or through a fax machine from applications or other forms submitted by you and
from your transactions with Texas Bail Bonds (such as claims, premium payments, account
balance, and history).  Information collected may include your name, address, contact
information, driver's license, social security number, employment information, and other
necessary information for Texas Bail Bonds to assess the risk of the transaction, protect
against fraud, or generally to effect, administer, or enforce the terms of the bail bond

Pursuant to Occupations Code 1704.202 (d) (3), all documents obtained during the bond
procedure must be retained by each license holder's office location for not less that four
years after the conclusion of the case(s) for which the bond(s) was given.

Security Policy

How We Use & Protect Personal Information:  Texas Bail Bonds respects your privacy and
protects your information.  Texas Bail Bonds has physical and procedural safeguards in
place to protect your information from unauthorized access by third parties.  Only authorized
personnel of Texas Bail Bonds, or service providers who need to know the information can
access the information.  (Examples may include but not be limited to fugitive recovery
agents, Courts, collection agencies...).  

Texas Bail Bonds does not sell your information to anyone, and does not share your
information with any companies or organizations outside of Texas Bail Bonds that would use
it to contact you about their products and services.

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